A Mini-Course in Connecting Over Correcting

How’re the kids?

Who takes a deep internal sigh when you hear this? As mothers, we generally repeat the same response with varying levels of genuineness: “They’re good!” or “Growing up!” or “It’s crazy, it’s exhausting!” Inside you may feel you have no idea what you’re doing! Because of how exhausting this season can leave us, you might not have had enough time to reflect on your parenting strategy.

So, how are you doing?

As parents, most of us are desperate for a little care for ourselves. At Motherlift, it’s our number one goal to ask this question and provide support as you do the hard work of developing your little ones. Deciding on your parenting style brings up a lot of questions and frustration about how we should go about this big job. That’s why Motherlift has developed:

“The Intentional Parent. A Mini-course in Connecting over Correcting.”

We want you to hear from our experts and feel empowered on your motherhood journey. We address the frustration, confusion and pure exhaustion of parenting. We give you practical tips for developing a plan and enacting it day-to-day. Our goal is to clarify and simplify your life! We want you to connect with your kids in a meaningful way and relax into this season of motherhood.

Join us on a 6-week journey to clarify your parenting strategy, get some much needed self-reflection and rest and begin to connect with your kids in a meaningful way. 

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What you can expect

There isn’t one magic bullet for parenting. We think you have to pick an approach and stick with it. But the basis of all healthy relationships is an emotional connection. So that’s what we’ll be focusing on. Don’t worry, we talk practical stuff too. “What if my kid won’t eat anything I offer him, what if they can’t have a meal out within an iPad, what do I do when my lose my temper,” just to name a few.

In our course, we talk about how to give your kids space for emotions without riding the waves of emotion that inevitably come. We designed this course to give you a framework where you decide where the line is, and then we tell you how to enforce it. It’s simple. It’s clear. It’s manageable. This course is not  commanding – it addresses your triggers. And we hope you see that you’re in good company. We all need this sort of help from time to time. 

Now is your chance to reflect on how it could be different? [Insert dream family life here.]

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The mini-course format

The Intentional Parent Mini-course is made up of six weeks of content, videos, and Facebook connect groups. Each module accessible by an easy-to-use app has both instructional parenting advice and activities for you to practice along the way. It’s very hands-on, and will challenge you to rethink what you want your family to look like and then provide materials and encouragement for you to start doing it! 

Our resident family therapist (and author of the course, Morgan Myers) will be in your Facebook group every week of the course to answer questions, post videos, and share articles. So it may feel the same as going to therapy once a week!

It’s important you feel supported through this process. We don’t want to drop a bunch of info in your lap and walk away. We’re going to be with you each week as you journey, ask clarifying questions and define your posture towards parenting. 

Week One – The Parent Child Connection
Week Two – Responsive Parenting
Week Three – Looking in the Mirror
Week Four – Dealing with Tantrums
Week Five – Connection and Correction
Week Six – Integrating Everything: Your Family Mission
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This course is not

Going to boss you around. We don’t believe we have figured out the silver bullet of parenting and so we won’t be telling you what to do or how to think. We will not be asking you to practice things that you are not comfortable with. 

On the other hand, our family therapist Morgan Myers has experience dealing with kids behavior issues. Her job is encouraging parents to develop their own strategies and stick to them. She’s learned how kids think and what you can expect from their ages and stages. Motherlift is taking that information and experience and packaging it in a way that takes the burden off of your shoulders during this very busy season of life. 

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Think of it as self care for mothers

We want this to be self care for you meets inspired direction for your family. In this course you’ll get to look at: 

Your fears about letting go

Letting your kids make decisions

Answering the question “have I already screwed them up?!”

Letting go of your past and not Letting it cloud your judgement

Holding confidently to your family rules and limits 

We will walk you through it step by step and at the end you will have a clear family mission! You’ll get a strategy for high conflict areas within your family and have a plan for communicating what is and isn’t ok. 

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We will teach you how to lead your family with intentionality and (dare we say) with joy! 

Psst… still unsure? Try it out, email me directly and I’ll answer your parenting questions.
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