O.K. Let’s talk red flags for postpartum depression. We’ll throw in some yellow flags for good measure too. ⁣

Here are some yellow flags to watch for in postpartum i.e. slow down, take a break. ⚠️ This season may be extra stressful for you. ⁣⚠️

🔸3 yellow flags 🔸⁣

1. You can’t think straight and have trouble finishing a sentence because you’re soooo tired.⁣
2. You forgot to eat meals because who has time for that?!⁣
3. You’re putting pressure on yourself because everything is a mess and you can’t keep on top of everything. ⁣

If you checked 2 or 3 of these, we are giving you permission to take some me time. It’s OK to take some time for yourself. Do something that reminds you of the old are you! Grab a quick coffee with a friend, go outside and engage your senses! Add a dose of self-care to your schedule!⁣

Now, on to the serious stuff… ⁣

🛑3 red flags🛑 ⁣

1. You’ve lost interest in most things you used to enjoy- this goes beyond just being sleepy for lack of good rest, it’s more like a mood that doesn’t seem to go away ⁣
2. You’re teary a lot and can’t seem to explain why?⁣
3. Do you think of running away or hurting yourself or someone else. ⁣
If you answered yes to any of these we’d recommend talking to your doctor. Sometimes this can get sorted out with therapy or meds and there are many professionals who SPECIALIZE in just this type of concern. We also recommend you taking some me-time. We all need a break!⁣


We are UNTABOO-ING you getting help. So reach out!