Is it hormone changes, is it baby blues, depression or just sheer exhaustion? It’s difficult to understand where one ends and one begins.

We’ve got progesterone, prolactin (for milk production), and dopamine at play here. According to research- the hormone progesterone increases during pregnancy then drops off right after birth. Prolactin (what helps with milk production) increases during pregnancy and stays high until 4 months after birth. But Prolactin can affect Dopamine levels (which is the feelings of hapiness and euforia). Low progesterone levels can cause symptoms like depression and anxiety as well as low libido. All these hormones are increasing and decreasing to make a whirlwind of emotion for pregnancy and post partum. Not to mention the huge changes going on in your routine and life with a new baby- which is emotional in itself!

If you’re feeling emotional and teary or irritable, you are normal. It’s hard! We all need a little time and compassion to experience all these changes.

If you feel like these emotions dip deeper and linger for days and weeks. If you feel like you can’t get out of bed, see friends, eat or sleep like you used to, it may be time to talk to someone. Depression is actually pretty common (13% of Postpartum women).

Check out for a therapist who specializes in this.

Between high prolactin production, no progesterone, potentially lower dopamine, and your other pregnancy hormones decreasing, it’s no wonder that your energy, moods, and emotions can feel jumbled after having your baby!