“The down and dirty.”

“The humpty dumpty.”

“The drop it low.”

Whatever nicknames you give them, you’ll likely try ALLLL the birth positions if you’re going through an unmedicated birth.

Changing up your birth position helps move baby down. For example, an upright birth position widens the pelvis and provides ample oxygen to the baby. This is because the body’s main blood vessel, the aorta, gets some relief by taking the pressure off of it!

Getting an epidural? No problem! Even with an epidural, a peanut ball can be utilized with great effectiveness to keep your hips nice + open while you get some much-needed rest.

Some assume they’ll wing it in birth, or learn all they need to in a birthing class, but there’s two things to note here:

  1. Practice with your partner (if applicable) DEFINITELY makes perfect, and
  2. Covid likely cancelled your birthing class! Even if they didn’t, self-research can only benefit you in familiarizing birth positions.

Doulas are amazing for providing support during a labor, and for suggesting positional changes. (We’re a wealth of knowledge!) If, however, Covid has cancelled your plans for a doula or a birthing class, let me link you some position practice slides!

As the resident full-spectrum doula here @MotherLift, I’m happy to offer coaching sessions that range from pre-conception through postpartum. (Including birth-prep in the era of Covid!) Feel free to shoot me an email here!

How about you? Did you weirdly nickname any of your birth positions?

We’re happy to have you here, friends.

Sincerest warmth,
Macy Morrow, CD (DTI)
MotherLift—A sister trio: Designer, Doula, and Therapist

PS- Are you pregnant and having trouble clearing the bowels? Below you will find a graphic (from Baby Centre) with the optimal position for getting relief. (The stool pictured is relatively cheap, and can be found on Amazon.) You’re welcome?